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Hillsboro Beach Crosswalk Enforcement


Hillsboro Beach Crosswalk Enforcement


The Hillsboro Beach Police Department will be conducting selective traffic enforcement within the crosswalks this week. Safety is our primary concern.


  •          Make sure to look both ways before crossing
  •          Make sure you are established within the designated crosswalk before crossing
  •          Try to make eye contact with the drivers, gesturing to them with your hand before  crossing
  •          Please use one of the many designated crosswalk in the Town of Hillsboro Beach


  •          Once a pedestrian has established him or herself within the crosswalk, you must stop and yield to pedestrians
  •          Cyclists, if you are operating a bicycle, you are considered a vehicle.  All vehicle rules apply

If anyone has anyone questions concerning the law about crosswalks please visit the police department, or speak to one of the officers on the road.


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